What Is Spirulina Pacifica?

what is spirulina pacifica?Spirulina Pacifica is a microscopic blue-green vegetable algae. It is a dried water vegetable eaten since the days of the Aztecs of Central America. The superior protein of this blue-green microalgae made it an important part of their diet. It provides a remarkable combination of beta carotene, chlorophyll, B-vitamins, complete protein, GLA, and an host of enzymes and minerals.

Spirulina Pacifica is a selected strain of Spirulina platensis, developed over many years of continuous cultivation in Kona, Hawaii. This particular strain development and perfection started in 1984. Cyanotech's modern culture systems are strictly controlled, assuring 100% purity of the strain for a safe and reliable supply.

Spirulina Pacifica is a highly absorbable source of protein, mixed beta-carotenoids and other phytonutrients, B-vitamins, GLA and essential amino acids. It is ideal for people who prefer a whole food supplement over artificial nutrient sources and is offered in powder, flakes and tablets. The concentrated nutritional profile of Spirulina occurs naturally due to the fact that it is a whole food and is safe to eat even in large quantities.

Cyanotech has also developed a unique patented Ocean-chilled technology which dries the microalgae in low oxygen (less than 1%) environment. Spirulina Pacifica, dried using the Ocean-chilled technology has much higher beta-carotene content compared with existing products in the market. The beta-carotene are protected from oxidation in the low oxygen environment.

The ultra clean environment in Kona ensures the microalgae are produced in a pollution free environment which is an important factor to the quality of the spirulina.

Nutrition For Both The Young And Old

Spirulina Fiber

Spirulina is a perfect complimentary nutrient for people of all ages. The elderly have no restrictions in the amount that is suitable for their cosumption. Many elderly people tend to fall sick easily and are usually on medication for long periods of time. This will cause a lack in the nutrients level in their body as they may not absorb, utilize, or store nutrients efficiently.

Spirulina is a high level energy food, and due to its soft cell wall, offers nutrients in a very easy way. Spirulina is also taken by people of all ages for its cleansing effect and its ability to help improve digestion and elimination. It is reccommended that children who does not take vegetables should consume spirulina to have the sufficient nutrients which the body needs.

In a way, spiruliuna is a form of nutrients provider that busy people can turn to for the vitamins and minerals that they need.