Spirulina Pacifica Advantages

Spirulina Pacifica has a great amount of advantages over other spirulina manufacturers due to the strict standards that are being followed to in the cultivation of the microalgae. Below are some of the facts that were gathered when compared to another brand of spirulina manufacturers.

 Feature  Spirulina Pacifica  Competitor Importance
Location Grown In Kona, Hawaii. 19 degrees latitude. Grown in Southern California. 33 degrees latitude. The west coast of the island of Hawaii is the best place in the United States to cultivate microalgae. It provides year round optimal conditions for growing Sprulina.
Production Year-round production. Seasonal production. There no interuption to availability of the product. A dependable and fresh year-round supply.
Product Unique strain of spirulina. In house tableting with oxidation prevention  technology. Standard Product. Contracts tabletting process to outside vendor. Higher levels of beta-carotene, mixed carotenoids, phytonutrients and enzymes.
Water Source Rain forest aquifer from 1,500 foot elevation. Lower Colorado river. Ensuring pure water that is being used to cultivate the microalgae.
Mineral Source Deep ocean water from 2,000 deep pipeline for mineral source. Not available. Rich source of calcium, magnesium and many trace elements.
Drying Technology Patented ocean chill drying. Conventional Drying. Patented drying technology protects naturally high levels of beta carotene and phytonutrients.

International Quality

ISO 9002 Certified. Not Certified. The only spirulina manufacturer that is commited to internationally-recognized standards of quality.