Spirulina Nutrition

spirulina nutritionSpirulina is one the most healthy foods in the world. It contains many different types of healthy vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial to our body.

Spirulina contains protein, enzymes, fibre, carotenoids and natural healthy plant pigments all perfectly blended by nature. Here are the factors that make it nutritious and not to be missed.

Most Concentrated Source of Mixed Carotenoids and Phytonutrients

On the basis of more than 200 studies of diet and health, nutritionists recommend increasing the intake of carotene-rich foods.  Unlike synthetic beta-carotene supplements, Spirulina Pacifica supplies four different molecular forms of beta carotene, as well as zeaxanthin and beta cryptoxanthin.  No other whole food provides the concentration of mixed carotenoids found in Spirulina Pacifica.

Bio-Available Iron and Vitamins, B-2, B-6, B-12

Spirulina Pacifica is a natural source of iron and the B-complex vitamins.  Iron intake is especially important for women and is required for red blood cell replacement.  Spirulina Pacifica supplies 50 times more iron than spinach, without the oxalic acid that inhibits uptake.  B-2 is crucial in the production of energy; B-6 is required for the functioning of more than 60 enzymes and for synthesis of nucleic acids and protein; B-12 is required for proper nerve function.

Richest Whole Food With GLA (gamma linolenic acid)

GLA is used by the body to make prostaglandin E1, a natural anti-inflammatory compound.  Clinical trials with GLA supplementation have shown a significant effect in the relief of symptoms associated with arthritis.

Highest Digestible Protein

Spirulina Pacifica is the richest source of protein in the plant world – 60% protein – three times that of beef.  This protein is in a highly digestible and easily assimilated form supplying all the essential amino acids.

Peak Athletic Performance

Spirulina Pacifica can increase antioxidant intake (carotenoids), relieve inflammation due to unusual joint stress (GLA), and provide high quality protein without fat to enhance athletic endurance regimens.  It is also an excellent nutritional source of other important nutrients such as iron, chlorophyll, B-vitamins and the electrolyte potassium.  Athletes commonly report increased energy levels and faster recovery from events.

The Convenience of Tablet, Flake or Powder Form

Spirulina Pacifica can be taken in tablets, sprinkled on foods as flakes, or added directly to fruit drinks as powder.  One of the major benefits of Spirulina Pacifica is that it is a food, not a synthetic supplement, it may be safely consumed in considerably high quantities. An convenient yet excellent nutritional source.