McDee Spirulina Fruit Loaf

McDee Spirulina Fruit Loaf

McDee Fruit Loaf  (The Making of an Excellent Fruit Loaf)  

On the subject of loaves, and particularly fruit loaves, do you harbor very high expectations when you are about to sink your teeth into one? For many, such a situation often results in an anti-climax because the loaf is too dry, hard, too sweet, artificial tasting and the mouth-feel is stale. 

How would you describe the experience of munching a really rich, delicious and delectable fruit loaf that is just heavenly?

Are we delving on fiction?

We do not think so because you have just come on to the right track of the subject.

We like to share our little secret with you. It begins with a catchy brand name - McDee. Just try to remember it.

At McDee, we believe that every fruit loaf should be lovingly baked to perfection; it must be fruity and moist with a longer lasting fragrance.

It should be extraordinary to taste and be at the same time, wholesome and alcohol-free.

A McDee Spirulina Real Fruit loaf is just that and more.

It is the enhancement of a jealously guarded New Zealand recipe that has weathered the test of time and exacting demands.

Silky smooth in texture and generously endowed with more fresh, luscious real fruits of the forest. McDee Spirulina Real Fruit loafs are enriched with premium Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica to produce a uniquely sensational taste that others can only marvel.

Coming soon, the brand will afford a comprehensive range of unforgettable flavors: exotic wild berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and elderberries); enticing tropical fruits, lovely fresh peaches and more (to come).

This true gem of the Pacific is a versatile creation that deserves attention from everyone during breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. It is indeed a rare blend of fruity and fantastic taste which we have proudly achieved and should not be missed. Bon appetite!  

Customers' Feedback :

"It is very nice, with a lot of fruits content. I will surely buy another loaf to eat."
Comment from Wei Pin on 7th Oct 2006

"I am a fruit cake lover and use to buy them. I have try your sample and found out that there is a great different in the taste and the smell of the cake. Although is only a small slice but the smell of the wild berry is very strong not to mention the taste is fantastic too. Even the after taste of wild berry is still there in my mouth after drinking some plain water."
Comment from Morgan Tan on 7th Oct 2006

"The Sample Fruit Cake I received at the classified advertisement promotion is delicious. It is not too sweet and the texture of the cake is very fine."
Comment from Alison Seow on 7th October, 2006

"The Mcdee Fruit Loaf was so tasty that u would want to have it a 2nd time round"
Comment from Jenny Tiong 8th October, 2006

"The Mcdee Fruit Loaf was awesome n delicious"
Comment from Paul Lionel on 8th Oct 2006

"I really enjoyed the mini McDee Fruit Loaf  which was special compared with other fruit cakes that I have eaten. The texture was moist (not dry) and the berries tasted fresh. The cake itself was not too sweet, just right. It is unique with the added benefit of Spirulina Pacifica and fresh berries. Thank you."
Comment from Janet Tan on 8th Oct 2006

"I've tasted the McDee Fruit loaf and am pleased to say I love the loaf  for nottoo sweet as compared to other fruit cake/bread....."
Commnent from Yeo Chay Yan on 7th October 2006

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