Spirulina Personal Care Product

There are now many other non-food items which are "enhanced" by adding a small dosage of spirulina to it as an ingredient. These items are mainly personal care products such as spirulina soaps, spirulina moisturisers, spirulina face masks, spirulina wraps, spirulina conditioners, spirulina shampoos.

In recent years, there have been an increasing amount of personal care products that have added spirulina into it. The main reason for doing so is due to the fact that spirulina is rich in protein, Gamma Linelinic Acid(GLA), beta-carotene, enzyme (principally S.O.) and other micronutrients.

Personal care products with spirulina added usually claim that it contributes to whitening and smoothening of the skin. It is also said that spirulina helps in detoxification of various parts of the body. It is also believed that spirulina lightens the contour, moisturises skin, and evening has a calming effect.