Spirulina Phytonutrients

spirulina phytonutrientsSpirulina phytonutrients are extremely beneficial to the human body as it can increase the immune system of the body. Phytonutrients are special compounds that are present in spirulina that has different abilities to ensure good health to everyone. Below are some of the benefits which spirulina has to give to the human body. 

Nutritional Benefits from an Array of Spirulina Phytonutrients

Carotenoids, including zeaxanthin and beta-carotene

Support immune health, protect against age-related vision loss, protects skin from the effects of UV radiation.

Phycocyanin, (gives Spirulina its blue color)

Supports liver and kidney functions, key to detoxifying the body.

Bio-Chelated Iron

Prevents anemia, supports blood health.


Vitamin B, especially B-12 is essential for nerve health and healthy hair.

GLA Fatty Acid

GLA supports sexual and menstrual health, reducing symptoms of PMS. Also helps balance mood swings, and reduces inflammation.


Protein in Spirulina, includes all essential amino acids which supports blood sugar levels and reduces appetite.