Stazen Spirulina 

Stazen Spirulina -The Best In The World?

Stazen SpirulinaSainhall Nutrihealth is proudly associated with Stazen Spirulina and Cyanotech Corporation, the grower and processor of this unique microalgae. Cyanotech Corporation is the worldwide leader in the development and commercialization of microalgae products. The premium quality of our lead product, Spirulina Pacifica, is the result of an unparalleled environment and advanced technology.

The Intense Hawaiian Sun

Spirulina Pacifica is grown at 19 degree N altitude, where the tropical sun beats down upon our cultures year round. Spirulina Pacifica thrives unharmed by producing an abundance of mixed carotenoids and antioxidant enzymes.

A Superior Strain

Growing conditions unique to Hawaii, have given birth to a distinctive beta-carotene rich strain and the highest level of mixed carotenoids of any Spirulina in the world.

Ocean Source Minerals

Nutrient-rich ocean water pumped from a depth of 2,000 feet provides more than 90 minerals including calcium, magnesium and trace elements.

Ocean Chill Drying

Patented Ocean Chill Drying technology eliminates oxidation of carotenes and fatty acids, ensures highest level of mixed carotenoids and phytonutrients.

Cold Process Tablets

The process is heat-free which produces healthy tablets with little or no loss of nutrients.

Glass Bottles

Glass bottles protect Stazen’s beta-carotene and other nutrients. Studies show that within1 month of packaging in plastic, some nutrients (Beta carotene included) have lost 20% of their potency. In glass, negligible amounts have been lost. Also, oxygen molecules are so small that they can go right through plastic bottles, ruining an anti-oxidant’s value. Glass does not permit this.

ISO 9002 Certified

Internationally recognized standards of quality guarantee consistency and reliability.  Cyanotech was the first micro algae company to be certified compliant with ISO 9002-94 standards.

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